April 23, 2021

Exercise and Best Rest

Bed rest can be a fairly common scenario to alleviate certain pregnancy complications.  Bed rest can vary greatly with a range of simple periodic resting at home to full blown hospitalization.

There can be a number of reasons why Doctors put expectant mothers on best rest. In most cases, bed rest is used to help the body have the best chance to normalize. Here is a quick list of some of the risk factor involved.

Bed rest will tend to cause muscles to lose tone and can cause joints ache. Lying down for long periods of time can also reduce your blood circulation. Changing from side to side will help stimulate your muscles and relieve pressure. Exercise is important for your blood circulation, but make sure that you check with your Doctor before you begin any exercises. Below are some common exercises that may be used:

  • Squeezing stress balls
  • Pressing your hands and feet against the bed
  • Turning your arms and feet in circles
  • Tensing or tightening your arm and leg muscles

I hope that no one that may read this will ever have to deal with a bed rest situation, but hopefully some of this information will be helpful if needed. When in doubt always check with you Doctor.