April 23, 2021

How do you track your health? By Eric Toussaint

I have always been interested in tracking my workouts – calories burned, miles run, miles biked, strokes in the pool etc., and have used a variety of products over the years to help with the process. The only part of my life that hasn’t been tracked is everything else. What I mean by this is steps walked per day, meals eaten and sleep.

I try to keep myself very up to date on all the new exercise tracking products and I recently came across a device that is able to track the “everything else”.  The Jawbone Up is an electronic bracelet that provides bio feed back on all aspects of your life. It tracks your activity level, your meals and your sleep, then it conveniently feeds the collected data into your smart phone.

I have been wearing mine for the past five days and am loving it.  It is a really great way to track every physical aspect of your life and to be in perfect tune with your body so that you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy and fit.

I highly recommend this product, check out this link for all the details http://www.jawbone.com/up as my quick explanation does do this product justice.

Have fun with this one and please feel free to give me feed back.