April 23, 2021

More about my Feet by Eric Toussaint

My wife can attest to my passion for trying the latest technology in athletic shoes and treating my feet with the utmost respect and care – I have a closet full of athletic shoes in every color and style.  I have tried every shoe you can imagine and of late have been trending to the tune of the minimalist approach.  I wear mostly Vibram five fingers, the Saucony Hattori, Nike Free 5.0, and Zoots for my trialthlons.

My feet became stronger from wearing these minimalist shoes, and I’ve found that I needed less and less support for my flat feet.  I decided to pick up a pair of Ascis (Gel Sky Speed 2) for some longer distance runs (over 10 miles) and all of a sudden what I thought was cured plantar fasciitis came back with a vengeance.  It was so bad I could barely walk. I went to see my buddy Dr. Franklin Polun (www.mydamnfoothurts.com ).

One cortisone shot later, a ton of stretching on a seated calf-raise machine, icing three times a day, wearing only my Nike Free’s, wearing a brace that gives me a stretch while I sleep and I’m finally feeling better.  I had my first run in 12 days today, a quick 5 miles and am icing as I am writing this.  I go back to see Dr. Polun this coming Wednesday to report my progress.  It still hurts but feels a lot better.

I will let you know what the end of this unfolding story is next week and hopefully my experience may help others with plantar fasciitis.