April 23, 2021

Sara’s fall coaching adventures

This fall Sara has been involved in coaching two youth sports teams; Girls on the Track and a 4th grade boys’ soccer team.  Working with athletes and kids has always been a passion for her so coaching is the perfect fit.

Girls on the Track is an afterschool program for girls in 6th-8th grade in which they have lessons about issues they are likely to deal with while training for a 5k. The best way it’s been described is a combination of Girl Scouts and running. Sara has really enjoyed her time working with these girls and seeing them improve. She is really looking forward to running with them in their 5k on November 13th!

Coaching the soccer team has been a major test of Sara’s patience; managing and attempting to corral ten 9 year olds has been quite the feat. Her main goal with the team was to help them continue to learn basic ball handling skills and develop a better understanding of the game so they play less heard ball. Though they haven’t won too many games, each week they are improving and having fun and Sara hopes to continue coaching this team in the spring!