April 23, 2021

What Eric Toussaint wears when he runs…

I have been running for years and I have tried a variety of gear in that time. My shoe of choice was always Asics, but in the past few years I have switched to a more minimalist approach and I wear Vibram five fingers, Saucony Hittoris, Nike Free 5.0, and Zoots for my triathlons and longer distances.

As far as socks go, wicking technology is a must, (no cotton please) and I wear no socks when I run tri’s. Also obviously no socks in the Vibrams and the Hattoris.

As far as shorts, I have always preferred 7” Asics running shorts and a dri-fit shirts. If it’s a little colder I might go with an Under Armour base layer and long-sleeve dri-fit shirt. Anything colder and I usually just run inside. On the rare occasion that I do run outside when it’s in the 40’s I wear Under Armour running pants, skull cap and gloves.

Please give me your feedback I would love to know what you wear.