April 23, 2021

Minimalist Shoes – Good or Bad?

It pained me to see that a class action lawsuit (http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/class-action-suit-filed-against-vibram-fivefingers/article_161dadaa-7a8a-11e1-aed9-0019bb30f31a.html) has been filed against Vibram Five-Finger shoes, mainly because I love the shoe. However I do think that the suit has merit, and it is true that some runners may never transition fully to minimalist shoe that requires a forefoot strike as opposed to a heel strike.

The lawsuit did give me pause and I started to think back to all the minimalist shoes I have tried in the past few years and not all of them have worked for me. As a matter of fact the only ones that have are the Vibram Five Fingers. The Saucony Hattori hurt my feet as well as the both the New Balance MT 10 and the New Balance 00.

In the case of the New Balance shoes, I think my feet are too narrow, as for the Hattoris, I guess they just didn’t work with my feet.

I currently run in either Vibram Five Fingers or the Nike Free 5.0 and that seems to make my feet happy.

I guess the best thing I can say about my continued use and fascination of all types of running shoes is that you must test the waters and ease into any radical change in design and likewise any change in running style.