April 23, 2021

Eating Healthy on the Road

As I sit in the car driving back towards Bethesda, I am surrounded by junk food and I was inspired to write about healthy options you can find or pack for when you are traveling.

Obviously fruits and veggies are great options. Most of the time you have these foods in your house and you might as well pack them so they don’t spoil while you are away. Additionally most of the rest stops and convenience stores have a small selection of fresh food as well.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial nuts and granola/protein bars are good options. I’m personally a big fan of the Cliff Blueberry Crisp bar.

Meals on the go can be tough but I find Subway to be a pretty good option. They have plenty of subs that aren’t loaded with fat and calories. Grilled chicken sandwiches (hold the mayo) are standard at fast food restaurants and are a much better option that a burger.

Happy travels!