April 23, 2021

Nike GPS Sports Watch

I just recently purchased the Nike GPS sports watch powered by Tom Tom, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I have traditionally used Garmin GPS watches but have found them difficult to use as regular time pieces, and I found myself carrying around two watches all the time. This was annoying and didn’t allow me to catch a quick run if I found a free moment during the day because it took me too long to set everything up. One caveat: I still use Garmin watches for my triathlons, I just needed something I could use on the fly.

The Nike GPS watch has all the features that a regular watch would have – clock, stop watch and alarm on top of it’s GPS feature. This watch also works with the Nike Plus foot pod that links in with multiple Apple products. The Nike Plus pod can be used simultaneously with the GPS feature.

The online suite that is accessed when the watch is plugged into your computer is ascetically pleasing yet not quite as functional as the Garmin software. However, it is more fun, which is not surprising when Nike and Apple decide to team up.

The GPS feature is easy to use. I have to tip my hat to Tom Tom; the satellite connection has been faster than my Garmin watches.

As far as the look and fit of the watch – it is top notch…all Nike stuff looks awesome!!.

I highly recommend this product and thank you Nike for making my running more fun!!.