April 23, 2021

November | 2011 | True Fitness Blog

I have always been interested in tracking my workouts – calories burned, miles run, miles biked, strokes in the pool etc., and have used a variety of products over the years to help with the process. The only part of my life that hasn’t been tracked is everything else. What I mean by this is steps walked per day, meals eaten and sleep.

I try to keep myself very up to date on all the new exercise tracking products and I recently came across a device that is able to track the “everything else”.  The Jawbone Up is an electronic bracelet that provides bio feed back on all aspects of your life. It tracks your activity level, your meals and your sleep, then it conveniently feeds the collected data into your smart phone.

I have been wearing mine for the past five days and am loving it.  It is a really great way to track every physical aspect of your life and to be in perfect tune with your body so that you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy and fit.

I highly recommend this product, check out this link for all the details http://www.jawbone.com/up as my quick explanation does do this product justice.

Have fun with this one and please feel free to give me feed back.

We all know that we need to exercise, but how do you make it fun?  Having been involved in some type of physical activity all my life this question comes up for me personally quite often…quite simply I get bored sometimes.

I have managed to come up with a very simple system, that I call “go with what you know”.

I am interested in multiple sports and exercise pursuits, which tend to vary depending on the time of year. This actually makes my whimsical approach a little easier and much more fun.

I am into triathlons, martial arts, weight lifting, and skiing.  So what I do is, on Sundays I schedule my workouts for the week with as much variety and flexibility as possible.  If it is nice out, I might ride my bike, run, or practice martial arts outside and swim at outdoor pools.  During winter I like to ski, practice martial arts inside at my school, use our spin bike, or swim at indoor pools.  Then there is weight lifting, which can be done all year round at almost anytime.

Even though I try to plan my workouts, I love switching things up if I am in the mood for something different.  So don’t get bogged down in routine or strict schedules.  Otherwise exercise can start to feel more like a chore than a fun way to get away from life’s stresses.  If you are feeling the need to move, make it fun by doing what you like, and what is of interest in that very moment, and I promise you will have fun.

This has been one of my personal secrets and tricks that I have used for years to stay in shape, and I hope it works for you.

My wife can attest to my passion for trying the latest technology in athletic shoes and treating my feet with the utmost respect and care – I have a closet full of athletic shoes in every color and style.  I have tried every shoe you can imagine and of late have been trending to the tune of the minimalist approach.  I wear mostly Vibram five fingers, the Saucony Hattori, Nike Free 5.0, and Zoots for my trialthlons.

My feet became stronger from wearing these minimalist shoes, and I’ve found that I needed less and less support for my flat feet.  I decided to pick up a pair of Ascis (Gel Sky Speed 2) for some longer distance runs (over 10 miles) and all of a sudden what I thought was cured plantar fasciitis came back with a vengeance.  It was so bad I could barely walk. I went to see my buddy Dr. Franklin Polun (www.mydamnfoothurts.com ).

One cortisone shot later, a ton of stretching on a seated calf-raise machine, icing three times a day, wearing only my Nike Free’s, wearing a brace that gives me a stretch while I sleep and I’m finally feeling better.  I had my first run in 12 days today, a quick 5 miles and am icing as I am writing this.  I go back to see Dr. Polun this coming Wednesday to report my progress.  It still hurts but feels a lot better.

I will let you know what the end of this unfolding story is next week and hopefully my experience may help others with plantar fasciitis.

This fall Sara has been involved in coaching two youth sports teams; Girls on the Track and a 4th grade boys’ soccer team.  Working with athletes and kids has always been a passion for her so coaching is the perfect fit.

Girls on the Track is an afterschool program for girls in 6th-8th grade in which they have lessons about issues they are likely to deal with while training for a 5k. The best way it’s been described is a combination of Girl Scouts and running. Sara has really enjoyed her time working with these girls and seeing them improve. She is really looking forward to running with them in their 5k on November 13th!

Coaching the soccer team has been a major test of Sara’s patience; managing and attempting to corral ten 9 year olds has been quite the feat. Her main goal with the team was to help them continue to learn basic ball handling skills and develop a better understanding of the game so they play less heard ball. Though they haven’t won too many games, each week they are improving and having fun and Sara hopes to continue coaching this team in the spring!