April 23, 2021

October | 2010 | True Fitness Blog

Trouble motivating yourself for a workout? It’s the end of a long day of an even longer week, and you want to go home and relax. I know we all have this issue; it certainly happens to me. So the question is “what do we do” when the motivation is low? Here our some tricks I like to play on myself:

1. Just get to the gym. It doesn’t matter how tired I might feel, once I get to the gym and start warming up, I can usually wake up and get myself going. I feel better when I am leaving the gym, than when I started.

2. I know this one sounds kind of sappy, but I love my wife, and I do want to look good for her. Just think of your significant other for motivation.

3. Stress relief. After I lift weights, go to my martial arts school, or even just getting in 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, my head is clearer, and I feel like I got away from all the stresses of the day for a bit. I have worked off the strain of the day.

4. Working out also really helps to regulate your sleep patterns. Anyone who knows me, knows I have an active mind. The relaxed, content feeling I have after I workout really helps me sleep.

5. An upcoming event or vacation. We all want to look good on vacation, seeing friends and family we haven’t for some time, or at wedding or formal event. My motivation this week – leaving for vacation this weekend and seeing some relatives for the first time in 4 years.

6. And, of course, lets not forget the euphoria you feel after a really intense workout – nothing beats a great endorphins rush.

Now get out there and workout!!

Have you ever been bored with your workouts? I know I certainly have and working out is not only my profession, it’s my passion. Martial arts has been something that I could turn to through the years to shake things up and challenge my body in a different way than the normal cardio and weight machines that the gym provide.

I have been going to Tai Yim Kung Fu in Maryland off and on for over 20 years, and I always seem to come back to this school to refocus my physical efforts. It teaches a very traditional southern style Kung Fu descended from the Shaolin Temple in China.

It is hard to become bored with martial arts because there is a lifetime of curriculum available. Physically it covers all of the basis – negative resistance, flexibility, plyometrics, and, of course, focus and discipline. For me, I have not only seen my flexibility and strength improve when I regularly attend classes, but also, each time I leave the school I feel relaxed, centered. And let’s face it, for anyone with a busy schedule, who can argue with the benefits of indulging in something that will benefit you both physically and mentally.

If this sounds fun to you check out www.taiyimkungfu.com.