April 23, 2021

September | 2011 | True Fitness Blog

I do my very best to keep as much quick, easy, and healthy meals/ingredients stocked in my house. We all know how easy it can be to just order food or pick something up on the way home but if you know that you’ve got some staples waiting for you at home it helps you make the healthy choice!

In my freezer right now I have Boca Burgers, quinoa with roasted vegetables from Trader Joe’s, Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato fries, and a couple Lean Cuisines. Everyone of those items can be made in less than 20 minutes!

Also on of my favorite types of squash is Spaghetti squash. If you bake it in the oven it takes a little bit longer but it can also be done in the microwave in a shorter period of time. The best part about it is that one squash makes easily 2-3 large servings so now you’ve got a couple extra meals on hand! My favorite way to eat it is with just a little bit of tomato sauces and parmigiano cheese.

Happy healthy eating!

    1. The number one source of protein for vegetarians is undoubtedly chick peas. Registering in at about 16.0 grams of protein per 200 grams of peas these are jam packed with protein and they taste great too.
    2. Next up has to be kidney beans. These typically come in at about 15.0 grams of protein per 200 grams of beans so they make a great addition to any vegetarian meal.
    3. Next up is baked beans; these things taste great and have about 12 grams of protein per 200 grams of beans.
    4. Of course, we can’t forget about beloved tofu. Tofu is high in protein at about 11 grams per 140 grams and is high in a whole array of other essentials like iron and magnesium.
    5. Let’s not forget about milk either. It’s a high source of protein among many other things with about 9 grams of protein per glass.
    6. For those lactose intolerant or if you’d rather not drink the milk of another mammal then I suggest trying soy milk. It’s another great source of protein and contains just slightly less protein than milk at about 8.5 grams per glass.
    7. Eggs, (sorry, if you are strictly vegetarian) some people dontare another great source of protein and contain about 7 grams of protein per egg.
      Of course if you’re having eggs then you mine as well have some toast as well, which actually contain about 7 grams of protein for 2 slices, so you can get about a quarter of your recommended intake just at breakfast.
    8. If you want to get even more bang for your buck with the toast then try it with peanut butter on it. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and registers in at about 7.5 grams of protein per 30 grams of peanut butter.
    9. Last but certainly not least we have cheese. Regular block cheese typically has about 7 grams of protein per 30 grams of cheese, so this is an easy one to get your levels up for the day.

The Journey of my feet continues.  If you have been following my blog, you may have read some of my entries having to do with some of the various minimalist shoes that I like to wear. My current favorites are the Vibram 5 Fingers and the Saucony Hattori.  I do run in these shoes but not for more than 10 kilometers a time.

I started increasing my distances this summer, and I couldn’t find a shoe that I felt comfortable in.  I am a bit of an Imelda Marcos of athletic shoes, so I had quite a selection to choose from. After exhausting my selection, I went to see my old friends at RNJ Sports (http://www.rnjsports.com/shop/home.php), and they let me know that my feet have changed from wearing minimalist shoes so much.  My feet have actually become stronger and have moved away from needing some much support.  I am actually flat-footed and usually need more support in shoes that I wear for distance.

After trying on several pairs, I, for the first time, bought a shoe with much less stability.  I bought the Asics Sky Speed 2 and am loving my distance runs – and enjoying my new stronger feet that need less support!

Thank you minimalist shoes for making my feet better!