April 23, 2021

Staying Fit on the Road

Staying Fit on the Road

Many times on vacation we tend to eat and drink to excess. I know I am guilty of this at times, especially when I visit my family in France, which happens to be where am I currently. I’ve also noticed that it really helps to get in some sort of exercise after arriving on a long flight. I might be tired from the plane ride, but a short workout the day I arrive helps stretch me out and usually helps me adjust to the time change better.

My wife and I threw in a pair of running shoes to our luggage. Running or a brisk walk is probably the easiest way to exercise and to get some sight seeing in. We went for beautiful runs in the Champagne and Lorraine regions, and we picked out a few sights to visit later in the afternoon. I also packed some martial arts clothes and plan to find a park to practice in one day.

Here are few other tips that may help.

1. If you want to run but are concerned about getting lost in an unfamiliar location, you may want to consider a GPS watch. Garmin has great watches that can be helpful (www.garmin.com). There are also multiple phone apps out there to map your run, and many cities have running sight seeing tours with a guide/coach (http://www.runtours.eu/).

2. Another great way to burn some calories and to get some sight seeing in is to take bike tours. Many countries will allow you to rent bikes, and some will provide guided tours. Check www.bikerentalsplus.com and www.europeslegendarytours.com/paris.html

3. There are some sports that are popular everywhere. If you’re a swimmer, you can almost always find a lap pool at a local community center. Ask your concierge or friends your staying with where a pool is and purchase a day pass.

4. If your hotel has a gym, of course, life is easier. You can get your cardio and weight lifting in. If that’s not an option, and you’re feeling more adventurous, see if you can find a local gym where you can pay for a day pass.

5. You can also catch quick workouts in your hotel room with very little equipment and planning. Bring some tubing with you on your next trip and try this workout. a. 20 Push Ups b. 40 Crunches c. 20 Tubing Rows (Prone Grip) d. Wall sit (1 min) e. 20 Push Ups f. 40 Crunches g. 20 Tubing Rows (Neutral Grip) h. Wall sit (1min) i. 20 Push Ups j. 40 Crunches k. 20 Tubing Rows (Supine Grip) l. Leg Crank 20 Squats 20 Alternating Lunges 12 Jumps

12 Plyometric Lunges