April 22, 2021

Fitbit Vs. Jawbone Up

Let me first start by saying that I love Jawbone products and have been using them for years. I have had several ear pieces and the Jawbox, so of course I had to buy the Jawbone Up to track my fitness.

The first impression was great, it synced well with the iPhone app. It tracks your steps per day and exercise. You can track/upload meals, although you could only take a picture of the meal and I would sometimes forget and end up taking a picture of something else and calling it a turkey sandwich. The other limitation is that you could not determine calories for you meals. The sleep tracking was amazing and it would even differentiate between light and deep sleep.

The social media component worked well. You can set up team challenges, and the website resources are quite good, but you cannot view current stats online. The Up fit well, but sometimes it would dig into my wrist and the cap can easily fly off.

None these issues really bothered me. I was having great fun with it, but the main problem was that it died within the first two weeks. Jawbone happily replace my Up and shortly thereafter a letter came out from the CEO that their product was a failure. They still offered support and continued to replace the defective units. I finally gave up after having it replaced four times. As of now, Jawbone still has not re-released the Up, but the new launch should be soon. Check out their website for details http://www.jawbone.com/up .

After recovering from my loss of a fitness gadget that I really loved (the Jawbone Up), I needed a new fix. I had heard that there was another similar product available and began my research, which for me is buy and test. I decided to buy two FitBits – one for me and one for my wife (there are his and hers colors!). There is also a scale that I pre-ordered and a yearly pay service that allows for better tracking. I have not tried the pay service yet but will let you know when I do.

For all intents and purposes, the Fitbit covers the same bases that the Jawbone Up does. It tracks, steps per day, sleep and diet and exercise, plus a few more things – your weight (on the website), and your calories burned per day. It also has an iPhone app that works quite well. The only difference is that you need to sync the Fitbit with docking station instead of the phone itself.

The online functionality is definitely better with the Fitbit and allows for tracking of just about everything physical and has a journal. The social media aspect of the Fitbit is comparable to the Up – both have loads of potential.

The Fitbit is a clip as opposed to a wrist band (the Up), and also has a belt clip. It is very comfortable; I usually forget that I am wearing it. When tracking sleep, you have to clip the unit onto a wrist band, which is a little tedious, but I can deal with it. When tracking exercise and meals with the Fitbit, you just select the actual activity or food and it logs/tracks against your overall daily numbers. This can be done online or through the app. Check out the website for more details http://www.fitbit.com/product?jadid=21774415417&jk=fitbit&jkId=gc:a8a8ae4cd345883240134eafebdf71980:t1_e_:k_fitbit:pl_&jp=&js=1&jsid=27905&jt=1&gclid=CM2j8urP0K4CFcFw4AodCHg3AA

Overall I like the Fitbit better. It works, and it works well, and at the end of the day you have very good feedback about all aspects physical in your life. I am, however, hopeful for the rerelease of the Up.